When it comes to mobile advertising, the first thing most people think of is the image or video advertising. Exquisite picture or video creatives can indeed attract users’ attention in the first place, but an ad with a high conversion rate must also require the support of excellent ad copy.

A high-quality ad copy needs to use concise text to help users quickly build product awareness, clearly show the product’s selling point, resonate with users, and ultimately guide users to take action. Good ad copy is essential to promotion.

App Growing Global analyzes the popular ad copies based on the…

On June 25, Qingci Games submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, intending to be listed on the Hong Kong Main Board. This is also the first Chinese Mainland game company to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021.

According to the information disclosed in the prospectus, the iconic game “The Marvelous Snail” under Qingci Games has contributed nearly 1.17 billion yuan in revenue in 2020, and its performance is very impressive.

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked for the last 30 days, App Growing Global released the ranking list and analysis. The statistical area covers the Southeast Asia regions and the data covers 19 global mobile advertising platforms.


Top Advertising New Games in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an emerging market with rapid development momentum in recent years. In 2020 Q2, mobile game revenue exceeded 600 million U.S. dollars, and mobile game downloads soared to 1.8 billion. The huge market potential makes it one of the outlets for many manufacturers to seize.

Southeast Asian players prefer mid-core and core games such as action and RPG, and these…

Over the past years, hyper-casual games have become a hot field in the game market. Its characteristics of immediate play, simple operation, and addictive content have been welcomed by a large number of players. Nowadays, Hyper-casual games often appear in the major game lists.

In App Growing Global’s recently released “ Advertising Analysis of Mobile Games in May ”, hyper-casual games occupy 5 seats in the Top 20 Mobile Games with Advertisement rankings.

On the other hand, from the perspective of developers, the entry barrier for hyper-casual games is low, and developers can make more attempts through lower production costs…

With the implementation of the new privacy regulations on iOS 14.5 in May, iOS users can refuse IDFA tracking by Apps, which reduces the advertising accuracy of iOS. This has undoubtedly shaken the confidence of advertisers. The advertising of iOS mobile games in May has also seen a marked decline. On the contrary, Google Play mobile games enjoy a certain increase.

On the whole, few changes can be seen in the landscape of overseas Top-Advertising categories and regions in May, while the proportion of ads, in the form of rewarded videos, has increased. …

At present, the market of otome games has become one of the hottest fields that cannot be ignored in gaming industry. In recent years, publishers in mounting numbers have entered the otome games to share a piece of pie of that potential market. The benefits of the field have also witnessed on-going spurts as the market potential continues to be tapped.

In the huge otome gaming market, there is one type of game that rely little on operating skills and gameplay strategies. The target group is relatively small, but the hit product, only by content output, can harvest tens of…

As a smaller subculture circle, ACG has the typical market coverage and user characteristics. The Japanese artistic style, the unrealistic worldview, the complicated character as well as the story line — — all these make it difficult for non-core players to stay. It is also for the same reason that the ACG player’s loyalty and willingness to pay are generally high. In recent years, driven by the continued expansion of the market and players, and several popular mobile games, ACG games have been gradually going beyond its own circle.

Based on the core of ACG, domestic developers have made innovative…

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked for last 30 days, App Growing Global released the ranking list and analysis. The statistical area covers 42 countries/regions and the data covers 19 global mobile advertising platforms.


Advertising Ranking of New Games in Japanese Market

▼Top5 New Games on iOS in Japan

▼Top 5 New Games on Google Play in Japan

Compared with 2020 Q4, the 2021 Q1 overall advertising in European and American markets has decreased. In the Top-advertising games, except for the small increases in the proportion of Casual and Strategy games, the proportion of other categories has declined. Among the Non-gaming Apps, the advertising proportion of News Apps has dropped evidently. Some reduction can also be seen in that of other top-advertising categories such as Social, Entertainment, and Book & Reference in Q1. The advertising proportion of Shopping Apps, however, turns out otherwise — — an increase of over 15%.

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked from…

Compared with the 2020 Q4, the 2021 Q1 overall advertising in Japan and South Korea market has decreased. The Ad proportions of Casual, Simulation, Action, and Sports games dropped significantly. The proportions of advertisements in Books, Photo and Video, Health and Fitness also showed a downward trend.

On the other hand, the proportion of mobile game advertisers has increased slightly, while Non-gaming advertising is even higher. Role-playing, Puzzle, and Strategy games top the gaming advertising list. As for Non-gaming applications, Top 3 are Books & Reference, Lifestyle, and Shopping categories.

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked from January 1st…

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