The outlook of Mobile App Advertising in the Europe and America Market of Q4 2020

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  1. Although English is the common language in Europe dominant language is France and Germany in most region. Game publishers need to pay attention to combine with the local official language when advertising.
  2. The Internet penetration rate in Europe and America is high, generally reaching more than 80%. The bulk of the advertising is pushed on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, which are the first choice for advertisers to promote.
  3. The economy, policy and culture of Europe and America are susceptible to the U.S., and American cultural industry has a strong radiating power worldwide. The Ameican local entertainment IPs such as Marvel, Hollywood and Disney still maintain world-class popularity, so overseas publishers can use these aesthetics to formulate localized marketing strategies.
  4. Avoid sensitive political topics such as racial issues, child pornography, gender and gender orientation in America. Meanwhile, Nazis and Hitler are taboo topics that must be avoided in Germany.
  5. In Europe and America, social media influencers are getting popular in Youtube and Instagram. Except for the regular advertisement channel, advertisers can partner with PR public relations, Internet celebrities, E-sports live, famous stars endorsements and other multi-channel for cooperations.



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