Qingci Games Went to Hong Kong for IPO: How Does “The Marvelous Snail” Take The Road to Advertising

On June 25, Qingci Games submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, intending to be listed on the Hong Kong Main Board. This is also the first Chinese Mainland game company to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021.

According to the information disclosed in the prospectus, the iconic game “The Marvelous Snail” under Qingci Games has contributed nearly 1.17 billion yuan in revenue in 2020, and its performance is very impressive.

The Marvelous Snail” was officially launched in June last year. It is a role-playing idle game independently developed by Qingci Games. After the launch of the game, it has continued to achieve good results. Not only has it become a hot game in Mainland China in 2020, but it has also performed well in the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan markets in China. In addition to being on the Google Play and iOS game best-selling lists in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is also ranked first in the Top Ten Free Games on iOS and Google Play in Taiwan & Hong Kong.

Behind the excellent market performance of “The Marvelous Snail”, it corresponds to the same fast-growing promotion and marketing expenses.

Compared with 2019, the promotion cost of Qingci Games in 2020 has increased by 45 times, with an amount exceeding 500 million yuan. Among them, the promotion of “The Marvelous Snail” should account for a considerable part.

It seems that the major overseas markets for Qingci Games are Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan China. However, Qingci Games also stated in the prospectus that it will launch local versions of its popular games in overseas markets in the future. At the same time, there are also 10 game reserves planned to be distributed in overseas markets, which shows the determination of Celadon to expand overseas.

App Growing Global analyzes the advertising of “The Marvelous Snail” based on the monitored advertising data in 42 countries/regions. The data covers 19 global advertising platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Admob, Unity, IronSource, Twitter, etc.


Analysis of Advertising Strategies

The traditional Chinese version of “The Marvelous Snail” is published by Leiting Games, and its main market is Hong Kong and Taiwan China.

Source: App Growing Global

Taking Google Play end as an example, the ads of “The Marvelous Snail” is mainly distributed on Admob and Facebook’s various media platforms. In addition, there is also a small number of ads on the video website YouTube.

In terms of advertising format, “The Marvelous Snail” took a combination of various forms of advertising delivery, which accounted for a relatively high in-feed advertising (33.41%) and interstitial advertising (28.75%). Ad creatives are diverse as well, which accounted for relatively high is image (32.33%) and Html (28.96%) material.

Source: App Growing Global

Judging from the advertising trend chart, after the launch of “The Marvelous Snail” in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, China, it has been intensively advertising for a quarter. The volume of ads per day fluctuates between 50–100 sets, and then gradually slowed down. In mid-June this year, the momentum soared again and was very fierce. In a short period of time, it rushed to the peak of 250 sets/day.


Ad Creatives

The quality of the advertising creatives of “The Marvelous Snail” is relatively high. The content continues the game’s humorous and nonsensical characteristics, as well as the art style.

Source: App Growing Global
Source: App Growing Global
Source: App Growing Global

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