Mobile Game Advertising Intelligence Analysis of November 2020:Top casual mobile games long dominated the list, new female-oriented mobile game “Project Makeover” became a global hit

What were the trends in mobile game advertising in November? Based on global advertising data from November 01 to November 30, 2020, App Growing Global published “Mobile Game Advertising Intelligence Analysis of November 2020”, covering 21 countries/regions and 18 global mobile advertising platforms including, Facebook, Admob, YouTube, Unity, Line Japan, and Twitter.

1. Overall Mobile Game Advertising Trend

The month-on-month trend of the market was stable compared with that of October. Casual and role-playing games accounted for 30% and 17%, respectively. Boardgame, action & adventure games, and strategy games each account for about 9%.

In November, the United States had the largest advertising volume, accounted for 10.9%, increased by 1.2% month-on-month. Europe, Hong Kong China, and Taiwan China had similar proportions, while Saudi Arabia and India had the lowest advertising volume.

In terms of advertising format, the proportion of In-Feed ads in November decreased by 2.9% compared with October, accounted for 76.9%; while Native ads increased by 1.9%, accounted for 6.1%. Corresponding to the form of material, the proportion of video ads rose by 3% to 74.7%.

2. Top Mobile Games & Publishers

The Top 20 Advertised Mobile Games list is rather monotonous. Except for a slight change in the ranking order, the overall list is no different from that of October. Casual games dominate the top 3 in November.

Coloring, match-3, music, word, puzzle, and simulation games have unabated popularity in advertising. The three casual games of Zenjoy have been released for more than 2–3 years. Yet their advertising campaigns are still being pushed strongly, which once again proves that casual mobile games have long relied on advertising to gain customers.

It is worth noting that Baidu launched its new action game “BANGBANG RABBIT!” with an aggressive advertising campaign, whose monthly advertisement exceeded 8k. In November, it also maintained its position in the top 5 of the Category Rank in South Korea.

In the Rising list, the western style magic MMORPG “FORSAKEN WORLD” of YOUZU (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. and extreme survival MMORPG “A3: STILL ALIVE” of Netmarble both have rather good performance globally since their launch in August. Nevertheless, some new casual games were also released, including the sports game “NATIONAL BASEBALL PRO”, shooting game “GUNS MASTER”, the puzzle game “NONOGRAM — PICTURE CROSS PUZZLE”, the operating game “DRAGONSCAPES ADVENTURE”, etc. Among the newly released games, Bubblegum Games’ match-3 game “PROJECT MAKEOVER” was the most outstanding one, it was launched in November and already is the top 1 in more than 30 countries’ Free Ranking list. It is obvious that the casual game market still welcomes a match-3 game with a plot.

The top 3 publishers in advertising this month are all Chinese publishers, namely Talefun, ZenLife Games Pte. Ltd., and Chengdu Acoin Game, respectively, focusing on different casual sub-categories, like coloring, word/home decorating, and matching game. While giants Lion Studio and Voodoo have more than 80 games being promoted whose advertisement is quite sporadic.

3. Hot Mobile Game Advertising Creatives Summary

3–1 Casual Game: “PROJECT MAKEOVER”

PROJECT MAKEOVER reached the top of Total Free Ranking in a week, with a daily revenue in iOS devices in America slightly lower than “GENSHIN IMPACT”, which shows the potential of female-oriented makeover/ dress-up game in America.

Idea 1:

Showing how to do makeup for the character from the player’s perspective allows the player to know immediately that makeup/ dress-up is the core gameplay.

Idea 2:

This ad creative perfectly demonstrated how to dress-up in the game and pushed the development of the plot. At the end of the ad creative, the failure arouses the player’s desire to challenge.

Idea 3:

This ad creative uses a story acted by a real person, which arouses your empathy; the female protagonist changed her life by changing her faces and dresses.

Hot Advertising Copies:

1.New addictive 😘😘Design & Makeover game!

2.💄Best 👄 Fashion game 🎵 in 2020.

3.Your choice helps her makeover.

4. It’s a Fashion Emergency!

3–2 RPG game “A3: STILL ALIVE”

This game of Netmarble has accumulated over 1 million downloads in the first week of its launch, which uses challenges or battles to develop MMORPG characters.

Idea 1:

The ad creative targets the audience’s key groups by asking the KOL game anchor to introduce the game’s highlight and how to play it.

Idea 2:

The ad creative emphasizes the development and upgrade of the protagonist and show off those skills correspondingly. It also comes with a bonus voucher for Black Friday.

Idea 3:

This ad creative shows the game’s real style and introduces the core game characters and skills.

Hot Advertising Copies:

1.Can you stay alive all night long in this epic mash-up of MMORPG and Battle Royale? 🔥

2. Are you powerful enough for epic boss battles?🔥Come enjoy the hack and slash action with fast-paced combat! [A3: Still Alive] Download Now!

3. Fight against the massive Devil Army face to face! Horrific and intense darkness invasion is waiting for you. Only in A3! Download A3: STILL ALIVE now!

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