Media Buying Analysis of Business Simulation Games: How to Make an Outstanding Performance in the Market & Conquer Users?


Overall Market Trend

From the perspective of advertising, according to the data monitored by App Growing Global, the market share of casual simulation games this year is 8.2%. Among them, business-themed simulation games account for 40.9%, that is, the market share of business simulation games is approximately 3.4%.


Creatives analysis

  1. The reappearance of ancient elements and the blessing of the Chinese painting style bring historical immersion.
Ad Copy: 拒絕做一輩子打工仔 快點來打造屬於你的古風小鎮🏡
Ad Copy: 2021年度水墨風江湖經營手遊大作-我在江湖有座城🎊
Ad Copy: 🍭Your lovely animal staffs are waiting for you at the Animal Restaurant!🍭🍭
Ad Copy: Time to sharpen your axe and build your business, dear. 💰💰💰
Ad Copy: The #1 Farm Game!👩‍🌾🌾
Ad Copy: Cool farming game! Build a dream farm! 🐮 🐷 🐔



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