Global RPG Mobile Games Advertising Analysis in Q2 2020

Analysis of RPG Market

The number of RPG apps is relatively large in Canada, America, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, while Vietnam’s advertising is in top 3.

Analysis of Popular RPG Mobile Games in Prime Areas

The Types of Popular RPG Mobile Games in EU and USA: Magic, IP: ACG IP/Film&Video IP, EU&USA Style, GAL

Europe and America, especially America, is a mature market for RPG. ACG IP and film&video mobile games rank steadily at the top of the list. European and American players generally have relatively high product quality requirements, pay attention to playing rules, pictures, story themes and other high-quality experience based on the games. Most of the creativity are in dark tones with strong contrast.

The Types of Popular RPG Mobile Games in JP and KR: Arcade Action, Idle, ACG and Magic

Japan is the high output of animation IP. Japan market of ACG, Card and Idle RPG is very mature. MMORPG esports has always been a favorite of Korean players and Magic is also a popular mobile game. The material is more keen on idol endorsement influenced by Korean idol culture.

The Types of Popular RPG Mobile Games in SEA and HK&TW: Hero&Three Kingdoms, Magic, ACG and Palace Battle

Many content providers will choose Europe, America, Japan and South Korea when speaking of RPG, while Southeast Asia whose culture is more closer to China, will be less competitive. Chinese RPG is more popular with Legendary, Three Kingdoms and MMORPG. The proportion of content providers will be higher in Southeast Asia whose performance is also well.



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