Global Mobile Advertising Analysis of Bingo Game: Easy Way of Leading Products to be popular

From: Deconstructor of Fun
Mobile Game Taxonomy Report 2021 — Sensor Tower


Media Buying Market Overall Trend

Searching on App Growing Global with Bingo as the keyword, 120 games from both iOS and Google Play can be found.

Bingo Blitz’s major markets


Analysis on Ad creatives

1. Reward Hint, Stimulate User Psychology

One of the most popular characteristics of Casino Game Ads is to convey to users that they can easily win big prizes or make big money. However, due to the regulatory constraints of media platforms and target markets, all kinds of advertising hints are endless.

AD Description: 🍀 ¡La suerte está de tu lado! 🍀 Entra en Loco Bingo con tus amigos y consigue miles de premios🏆 🏆
AD Description: A sorte está do seu lado! Venha conhecer o Praia Bingo, e curta todas as emoções que uma partida incrível de BINGO podem trazer!

2. Multiplayer Online Mechanism with Social Traits

A lot of users of Bingo games are casual gamers who play games in order to release pressure. Some publishers will highlight the social function of games in ads, hoping to attract social gamers to expand their player circle.

AD Description: Join the Bingo Blitz Community and make new friends around the world! 🌎
AD Description: Fun bingo games! More daily credits to play much longer. Play Bingo Wild, Win Win Win!
AD Description: Hi there!! Come and play BINGO ALOHA!!🥳
AD Description: Save the bunny, squirrel, sugar glider, owl, hedgehog, fox, parrot!
AD Description: Want to make it even more relaxing? Choose auto-daub and never miss a…BINGO!
AD Description: “Can you be the first one to bingo??🥳 Try Now!!😎



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