Gain Insight Into Mobile Advertising Strategy of Casual Games in Early 2020

Casual Games Occupied A Considerable Proportion

According to the following data from App Growing Global, there were seven casual game occupied seats of the Top 10 of Advertising Ranking List at the Q1 of 2020. The data covered 18 countries/regions and 14 media networks like Facebook, Admob, Unity, etc. There were 1,891 casual games and 75,000 ads included as the sample of the following report. Scroll down to check out details.

The Proportion of Casual Game Advertising Among Mobile Game Advertising (2020 Q1)
The Proportion of Casual Game Ads Among Mobile Game Ads in Different Media (2020 Q1) / color green = Andriod; color grey = iSO

Top Ranking Casual Games Are Repetitive Among T1 Countries

App Growing Global analyzed the top 100 casual games from six T1 countries including America, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia — data showed there were 43 casual games listed on the top 100 in six countries at the same time.

Left: The Proportion of Casual Games Listed on The Top 100 in Six Countries at the Same Time / Right: The Proportion of Casual Games Listed on The Top 100 in One of Six Countries
The proportion of Different Material Types in Casual Game Ads (2020 Q1)

How Video Ads Performed in Different Casual Games?

Overall, video ads in casual games were colorful, eye-catching and delightful, highly matching the target client. As for the creative idea, most of them were “quickly mission completed” “fail — re-try — pass” or “continue failure,” to attract users to keep trying.

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