Casual Mobile Game Ads Idea in 2022

Casual Mobile Game Statistics You Need to Know in 2021

Puzzle and m3-meta are dominant in 2021 top 100 promotion of casual mobile games.

Categories for advertising especially coloring, word and m3-meta are popular among the top 20 casual mobile game publishers.

Tap Color and Project Makeover occupied Number one among the top mobile games promotion in various countries.

Top 20 casual mobile games: The games on Google Play occupied 16 seats

Advertise a Casual Mobile Game: 3 Ad Examples of Top Casual Games

1. Tap Color Lite Ad Example

Source: App Growing Global
  1. 🌹Find a moment belongs to You, 🎮Color game FUN with You. Relaxing and Fun🎉🎉💗
  2. 🌈 Color is with you on boring days 🖌️Instanly open the game and fill in some pictures to relax🍰☕ALL pictures are FREE✌️✌️
  3. Add color to these beautiful pictures and explore the colors you like, you will enjoy it!🖌🖌

2. Project Makeover Ad Example

Source: App Growing Global
  1. Can you do better?
  2. 💄Best👄Fashion👜game🎵in 2020😎!!!!
  3. Harder than you think!

3. Traffic Puzzle Ad Example

Source: App Growing Global
  1. Match cars to solve puzzles and beat your friends to the top of the leaderboard!
  2. Solve traffic jams to collect unique bonuses! 🚗
  3. Great to see you again.Right on time for your FREE DAILY SPIN🚓🚗🚗

Conclusion on How to Advertise a Casual Mobile Game

1. Simplify content to reduce cognitive costs

2. The confusing failure

3. Take the aha moment

4. Experiment with different characters and styles

5. Use multiple advertising forms

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Unbiased Mobile Advertising Intelligence Analysis Platform

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