AppGrowingGlobal vs BigSpy: Which is The Best Choice for Your Marketing Campaign ?

1. Media Platform

advertising data from 7 media can be found on BigSpy, including Facebook, Twitter, AdMob, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo.

2. Ad Creatives

BigSpy provides multiple filters, by which ads can be filtered basing on creative types, ad formats, and ad specifications, specifically including 4 creative types (image, video, carousel, html) and 5 ad formats (vertical, horizontal, square, banner).

3. Ad Descriptions

Both BigSpy and AppGrowingGlobal can monitor advertising descriptions and filter by categories, media, regions, and languages. AppGrowingGlobal show 60 results per page, which can be quickly flipped through. Each advertiser uses a small LOGO design.

4. Top Charts

BigSpy has launched two sections, Top Charts, and Feature Ads, to rank all advertisers and creatives, which can be filtered by media and country.



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