Advertising Ranking of New Games in Japanese Market for Last 30 Days; Advertising Analysis of New Ancient Chinese Style, ACG RPG, and Three Kingdoms SLG

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked for last 30 days, App Growing Global released the ranking list and analysis. The statistical area covers 42 countries/regions and the data covers 19 global mobile advertising platforms.


Advertising Ranking of New Games in Japanese Market

▼Top5 New Games on iOS in Japan

▼Top 5 New Games on Google Play in Japan

Source: App Growing Global

Comparing the above list, we can see that during the past 30 days, the number of new games ads on iOS is much lower than that on Android. The main reason may be the great impact from Apple’s new iOS 14.5 privacy policy on personalized advertising. This makes some advertisers turn to a more conservative advertising strategy, gradually reducing their advertising on iOS devices, but it also stimulates the growth of the Android advertising market.

However, in the ranking list, the performance of Chinese developers is still eye-catching. The Chinese games on the list include: SLG Sangokushi Strategy and Epic War: Thrones that top the list, the Chinese ancient RPG Empress: Tales of the Heart, the ACG RPG カウンター・アームズ -終焉武装少女-, the Tower Defense game Mini War: 放置だけでもいけるTDゲーム, and the SLG 社長!ご決断を.

On the whole, despite the impact on iOS promotion, Chinese publishers still have confidence in the Japanese market. Chinese mobile games such as SLG, RPG and other popular games are still competing fiercely in the Japanese market.


Creative Analysis of Selected Mobile Games


EMPRESS: TALES OF THE HEART comes from Friend Times, a Chinese publisher specializing in Chinese ancient and for-female games. The Japanese version is FUSHO-浮生- .

Source: App Growing Global

Taking the advertising data on iOS devices as an example. As a newly published mobile game in the Japanese market, EMPRESS: TALES OF THE HEART follows the common RPG mobile game advertising routine, that is, taking In-Feed videos as the main type of advertising. The advertising content emphasizes special elements such as Simulation, Plot and Harem Fight.

From the recent 30-day advertising trend of EMPRESS: TALES OF THE HEART, it can be seen that EMPRESS: TALES OF THE HEART has maintained a certain amount of advertising each day, and a stable amount of new creatives.

Source: App Growing Global

It can be seen in the ad creative section of App Growing Global that most of the creatives of EMPRESS: TALES OF THE HEART are re-edited and added with Japanese dubbing. At the same time, it will also highlight the favorite gameplays of female users, such as face production and dressing.

Creative 1:

Creative 2:

2.2 カウンター・アームズ -終焉武装少女-

カウンター・アームズ -終焉武装少女- is a weapon anthropomorphic RPG mobile game released by Ujoy Games. The ACG artistic style is very attractive in Japan.

The advertising strategy is also mainly based on video creatives, but there will be also many image creatives showing the shape of the character since ACG game players often attach great importance to character painting.

According to the recent 30-day advertising data on Google Play, カウンター・アームズ -終焉武装少女- has been starting to increase advertising since the release of version 1.00.12 on May 12, with the highest single-day advertising of 163 sets and 109 sets of new creatives.

The advertising content of カウンター・アームズ -終焉武装少女- mainly displays the character design, cute game interface, gacha, weapon anthropomorphism, etc..

Creative 1:

Creative 2:

2.3 Epic War: Thrones

Epic War: Thrones is a classic Three Kingdoms SLG developed by Archosaur Games. The game is made with Unreal Engine 4, and the quality of the game image and reproduction is high.

According to the data monitored by App Growing Global, the advertising of Epic War: Thrones on Google Play in Japanese market peaks in early April this year, and then gradually declined, showing a downward trend in the past 30 days.

In addition to Facebook and Google’s advertising platforms, Epic War: Thrones also channels its advertising on other media platforms that have considerable traffic in Japan. This strategy is also in line with the mobile game advertising routine in Japan.

As for advertising content, in addition to highlighting the IP of the Three Kingdoms, frequently-shown advertising keywords are below : ultra-high battlefield restoration, exquisite character modeling and high-quality war scenes.

Creative 1:

Creative 2:

The above is “Advertising Ranking of New Games in Japanese Market for Last 30 Days”, log in App Growing Global now to get more mobile advertising information.

*The above-related advertising creatives are sourced from App Growing Global, which are only used for research and analysis. All Rights Reserved.



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