Advertising in SLG+ Kingdom/Emperor Games; Analysis and Interpretation of relevant top-advertising Creatives

SLG games have always been a relatively unique category among overseas games. Due to its intensity in gameplay and high dependence on the core system, the development cost of SLG games is often very high, but a SLG game of quality also comes with huge benefits.

In recent years, SLG+ Kingdom/Emperor games have been thriving in overseas markets.

In these games, a player, as a monarch of a country or civilization, is able to build a city, recruit soldiers, form an army and engage in a war as a leader. Some games even enable the players to expand the imperial harems and thus grow their families. The gameplay is combined with elements such as RPG, Strategy, Collection, Card, etc.

Some typical home-grown SLG+ Kingdom/Emperor games are selected below and the analyses of popular advertising strategies are as follows.


Overall Situation in Advertising

Source:App Growing Global

In terms of advertising channels, among mainstream choices are Facebook Audience Network, Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, but there are also some games that take into account the Google platform and choose to place part of advertising on Admob.

The distribution of main advertising areas depends more on the language and theme of the game.

Take Call Me Emperor under Clicktouch as an example. 《叫我萬歲爺》《Call Me Emperor》and《アイアム皇帝》 are respectively the traditional Chinese, English and Japanese versions of the Call Me Emperor series.

The traditional Chinese version is mainly targeted at markets such as Taiwan China, Malaysia, and Hong Kong China; the English version, English-speaking countries such as Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Canada; the Japanese version, mainly the Japanese market.

Source:App Growing Global

In the application intelligence section of App Growing Global, it can be seen that the three games basically follow the same advertising strategies. They continued to increase advertising in August last year and then maintained a relatively stable rhythm.

Another typical game is Game of Sultans, released by Mechanist. As an empire-themed SLG based on Ottoman history, it has a high appeal in Central and Eastern Europe. The advertising is also more concentrated in markets such as Russia and Germany.

Source:App Growing Global

The advertising of Game of Sultans has seen a cyclical fluctuation since July last year, and new creatives have also been constantly added and delivered.


Top-advertising Creative Analysis

2.1《War Eternal — Rise of Pharaohs

The creatives of War Eternal-Rise of Pharaohs are mainly shown as video and picture. It makes users have high expectations for the quality of the game by displaying exquisite characters and fierce battle scenes, while also highlighting the unique theme of the game.

Creative 1:

copy:The king stands for his virtues of wisdom, courage and strictness. Choose mighty civilizations through the history, rally your favourite heroes, compete with players from around the world!

Creative 2:

copy:Three marvelous civilizations and hundreds of legendary heroes await your command.

2.2《Empire:Rising Civilization

The video creatives of Empire: Rising Civilization have its special advertising routines. It forms a nostalgia emotion by taking advantage of the influence of players in Empire and emphasizing classic Remake, youthful memories and other elements.

Creative 1:

Unlike the general Empire-theme SLG that focuses on themes such as war and emperor, the advertising content of Empire: Rising Civilization also involves elements such as collection, construction, and management.

Creative 2:

Copy:Will you dare to challenge my mighty army?👑👑

2.3《Days of Empire — Heroes Never Die!

Many Arabic creatives for Days of Empire-Heroes Never Die! have been deliveredplaced in the Middle East. In addition to displaying game elements such as city construction and army building like its counterparts, some interesting short videos are also shown.

Creative 1:

Copy: طرق تطوير الحضارة الجديدة، هناك تحدي جديد واختيارات جديدة واستراتيجيات جديدة في إنتظارك لإستكشافها

Creative 2:

copy:طرق تطوير الحضارة الجديدة، هناك تحدي جديد واختيارات جديدة واستراتيجيات جديدة في إنتظارك لإستكشافها.

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