Short video apps are one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years because they integrate the characteristics of the Internet era such as fragmentation, entertainment, information flow, and social interaction, and show strong value potential. In the fierce competition, industry leaders such as Bytedance and Kuaishou have also emerged.

According to the latest financial report data, Kwai Q2 DAU was 293 million, a year-on-year increase of 11.9%. Earlier, TikTok announced at the 2nd Creators Conference that its DAU exceeded 600 million. Even after deduplication, it should be around 400 million.

Combined with CNNIC's latest statistics, the scale of China’s Internet…

“According to the data from Sensor Tower, since its launch in August 2016, global App Store and Google Play players have paid more than 3 billion dollars in Playrix “Gardenscapes”.”

In the first half year of 2021, “Gardenscapes” has an in-app purchase revenue of 405 million dollars, ranking the second in the Top Grossing Puzzle & Decorate Games Worldwide H1 2021. Homescapes, the first in the list, Fishdom, the third in the list and Gardenscapes are all from the well-known casual game manufacturer Playrix.

Judging From the advertising data from App Growing Global, all three games are in long-term media…

According to the data from APP Growing Global, on August 25, Ranking List of Newly launched casual games on iOS and Google Play in the United States is as follows.

Top New Games On American iOS Store Rank

“American Hollywood movies, Japanese anime, Korean idol dramas and Chinese online literature”

These are the “Four Great Cultural Wonders of the World” that were circulated on the Internet a few years ago. Although many people just take this as a joke, it is undeniable that the development of China’s online literature industry in recent years is remarkable.

According to the “ Research Report on Chinese Online Literature Going Overseas in 2020” released by iResearch, the scale of China’s online literature market reached 20.17 billion yuan in 2019, the scale of overseas markets reached 460 million yuan, and the number of…

In 2020, Last year, a batch of ancient-style business simulation games such as “Call Me Big Boss” became the dark horses in the industry under the dual blessing of excellent painting style and traditional cultural background. There is a lively discussion on social media, and a wave of “returning to ancient times to be the boss” on the Internet.

Last year, the explosion of business simulation games once again proved to the industry the market potential behind the category. Many game manufacturers took advantage of this craze to launch similar products. …

Facebook Gaming pointed out in the “Genre & Great Game” released in 2020

“Genre is the most influential factor that drives people to try out new games. ”

In the questionnaire survey, “Genre” accounted for 49%, surpassing “ Recommendations from family/friends “ and “ App store reviews “, becoming the most important factor influencing a game’s customer acquisition.

However, with the continuous expansion of the global mobile game market, the diversity of game users has increased to an unprecedented height. For mobile game manufacturers, it has become increasingly difficult to identify market segments, understand the tactics of competing products, and…

Bingo Game is a popular entertainment game, with a lot of players in the world. Players need to mark the number randomly assigned by the dealer on a piece of square paper with many numbers written on it. The first player who completes a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal and shouts “Bingo” wins.

The Bingo Gameplay is easy to play without any restraint. All people from the older to the younger can participate in it, which brings a huge user base and business potentials to Mobile Bingo Game.

From: Deconstructor of Fun

The industry analysis web Deconstructor of Fun points out that, in 2020 the…

When it comes to mobile advertising, the first thing most people think of is the image or video advertising. Exquisite picture or video creatives can indeed attract users’ attention in the first place, but an ad with a high conversion rate must also require the support of excellent ad copy.

A high-quality ad copy needs to use concise text to help users quickly build product awareness, clearly show the product’s selling point, resonate with users, and ultimately guide users to take action. Good ad copy is essential to promotion.

App Growing Global analyzes the popular ad copies based on the…

On June 25, Qingci Games submitted a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, intending to be listed on the Hong Kong Main Board. This is also the first Chinese Mainland game company to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021.

According to the information disclosed in the prospectus, the iconic game “The Marvelous Snail” under Qingci Games has contributed nearly 1.17 billion yuan in revenue in 2020, and its performance is very impressive.

Based on the mobile advertising intelligence tracked for the last 30 days, App Growing Global released the ranking list and analysis. The statistical area covers the Southeast Asia regions and the data covers 19 global mobile advertising platforms.


Top Advertising New Games in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is an emerging market with rapid development momentum in recent years. In 2020 Q2, mobile game revenue exceeded 600 million U.S. dollars, and mobile game downloads soared to 1.8 billion. The huge market potential makes it one of the outlets for many manufacturers to seize.

Southeast Asian players prefer mid-core and core games such as action and RPG, and these…

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