2022 Mobile Gaming Market for Latin America

Table of Contents:

1. Overview of Latin America

1.Overview of Latin America

1.1 Geographical Division

Primarily, the continent of Latin America refers to the south region of the United States of America. In general, Latin America contains the state of Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, and the region of South America. There’re thirty-three countries in total. The major targeting states will be Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

1.2 Overview of GDP

The states of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina will be the primary market for mobile games.

1.3 Overview of Demographics

1.3.1 The number of youths booming and Huge Dividend of Population

The population base is relatively large and the number of populations in Latin America ranked TOP Four globally. There’re more than two hundred million citizens in Brazil. Similar to South East Asia, the ratio of adults, aged from 15 to 64, rises annually and reached to 67% of the total population in 2020. So, the demographic structure is relatively young and there’re huge population dividends for the region of Latin America.

1.4 Internet & Mobile Devices’ Penetration Rate

The progressive raising rate of Internet popularity and substantial holding rate of smartphones drive the mobile gaming market among local communities.

2. Mobile Games in Latin America

2.1 Marketing Size of the Mobile Game

In 2021, the categories of mobile games are prominent and revenue occupies 48% ultimately.

2.2 Hot Mobile Game Categories

2.2.1 Preferences in Mobile Games Market in Latin America

Among the top-grossing games, Strategy, Shooting, Roleplaying and Simulation games contributed more than 60% of the revenue. In terms of downloads, hypercasual games exceed 30% of the entire quantity and refer to the largest genre in the Latin American market, follow by Simulations and Actions.

2.3 Trait of Players

2.3.1 Groups of Age and Gender

The range from 21 to 35 people occupies the greatest portion of the whole game players. The number of male players is a bit larger than the number of female players. Candy Crush Saga dominates Latin America among female players and there are few featured female-oriented games in this region.

3.Local Mobile Gaming Market Strategies

3.1 Indigenous Language & Dialects

Normally, Spanish is the dominant language been used widely in the country of Latin America and is also the formal language in most of the member states. Brazilians speak Portuguese mostly. Thus, developers need to care about the language version and sizes of application packages for various games.

3.2 Distinction of Dialects

Same verbal pronunciation, huge differences in utilizing words.

3.3 Domestic Payments & Transfers

Huge Occupation Rate for Offline Payments:

3.4 Significant Holidays

Brazilian Carnival: The Brazilian Carnival is the most famous holiday in the world. It takes place during the mid or last period in February each year. The holiday lasts for three days.

3.5 Aesthestics & Religion


3.6 Ad Cases

3.6.1 Sports Competitive Mobile Gaming Market

Idle Eleven — Football Tycoon

3.6.2 Moba Mobile Gaming Market:

Brawl Stars

3.7 Promotion Media

Online media:

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